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Kristin Moody

Los Angeles, CA


Kristin received her training from Cinema Makeup School, where she learned a range of beauty and special effects makeup techniques. She has created beauty and editorial looks, as well as worked with silicone prosthetics, foam latex appliances and other character design.

Kristin is a lifelong film and television fan, and particularly enjoys working on set.

Highlighted Projects

SWAP (feature film)

Call Center Claire (short)

Kaytranada ft Masego - Need It (music video)

The Tip of the Spear (short)

Good Morning (short)

Friends Don't Die (short)


Rustin Gudim  -  Asylum Films  -  Starlux Games  -  Ravel Rewound, Inc  -  Tiny Stills  -  Australian Opal Direct  -  Christa Mae Imagery

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